Despite few home games, school spirit should continue


Jordan McEntee, Sports Editor

It’s time.
Time to bust out the black and gold face paint.
Time to locate the all your BV spirit wear.
Time to face your closet to unbury those gold beads from your heap of dirty clothes.
That’s right, it’s time for Tiger football season.
We all remember those seven crazy home games, when the entire BV crowd decked out in all black. But this year will be a little different. The BV home stands will only be filled four times for home games this year.
I know. When I first heard this, I was pretty bummed. Home football games are the best part about fall. But then I looked a little closer at the schedule. Those four games are against BV Southwest, BV West, Pittsburg, and Gardner-Edgerton — three of which are pretty big rival schools.
It hit me that we can either complain about only having four home games, or we can make the best of it. We can put all our home-crowd energy from a whole season into those four games.
Or better yet, our supportive student section can drive to the away games. It’s not like they’re a zillion miles away. We’re talking about hopping in the car for a 20-minute trip to BV Northwest or St. Thomas Aquinas. I think we can do that.
After the 51-0 win over Turner High School last Friday, I’d say we’re in for a pretty good season. The boys have been at it since the day after State last year — they’re ready.
They’re ready to work hard.
They’re ready to win some games.
They’re ready for some bitter rivalries.
And rivalries is what we’ll get. Right out of the gate, the Tigers will be facing off against our friends from BV Southwest on Friday night and BV West the following Friday.
Quite a few intense games are on the way.
Every game this season is important. The team needs our support every game.
So paint your face, throw on your Tiger gear and lose your voice — it’ll be worth it for another State title.