Freshman Five: Homecoming dates and spirit week


Jansen Hess, Meghan Kennedy, Staff writers

Finding a date: 
Thinking of a date:
Guys usually ask girls, but it doesn’t mean girls can’t ask guys too.
  • Don’t ask someone just to ask someone. Going with a group of friends could wind up being a lot more fun than asking someone that you’ve only exchanged words with in the hallway. Ask someone who you will genuinely have fun with.
  • Don’t ask someone to their homecoming. If your date is from a different school, ask them to your homecoming. If things go well, maybe they’ll ask you to theirs, too.
  • It is completely fine to go without a date. Even if you go with a date, you don’t have to go as a couple. Going as friends or in a group of friends is perfectly fine.
  • Outside dates: If you’re bringing an outside date, you have to fill out an outside date form to get administrative approval. The date has to be under 20-years-old and admission will be $20 for the non-BV student.
Ways to ask

  • Be creative. Asking someone should be a memorable event, so make it special. Try to find out something that the person you’re asking is interested in, and use it to help you ask.
  • Set up a scavenger hunt taking them all over town to their favorite places. Make the last thing on the list their favorite place and ask them there.
  • Put it in a fortune cookie. Take the person you’re asking to Bo Lings, Panda Express, or some other Chinese restaurant and give them the fortune cookie. NOTE: You will most likely need to talk to the manager to get the cookie made, or
  • Write it on your body. Just no inappropriate places, please!
  • Write out ‘HOMECOMING?’ with their favorite food and leave it somewhere for them to find.
  • Use a cheesy pick-up-line type phrase and add a fun twist to it. For example, “I scraped my knee falling for you, will you go to Homecoming with me?” and give them a box of Band-Aid’s.
  • Be original. Really think your idea through. Google it if you need help!
  • Have a plan. Some people say spontaneity is good, but not for asking people to homecoming. If you are spontaneous, the person you’re asking could feel like they are just an option and not a thought out date.
  • Get help. Have someone be your wing-man and find out a good time for you to ask him or her.

How not to ask

  • Don’t put them in an awkward situation where they feels obligated to say yes. Such as: Overdoing it, spending too much money, embarrassing them, etc.
  • Don’t ask over any form of technology, i.e. texting, calling, Facebook, Twitter. The person won’t believe it’s actually you. It’s always the better option to go ahead and ask them in person. Sure it takes a lot of courage, but at least it will be genuine.
  • Don’t ask someone you don’t know or hardly talk to… No questions asked, it’s an awkward situation for both of you.
  • Don’t ask in front of a large crowd. It’s a tad embarrassing for both of you. In front of a few people is fine, but in front of the whole student body makes it awkward if you get rejected and to reject someone.

On rejection

  • The worst thing someone can say is ‘no.’ If you get rejected, the world won’t end, even though it feels as though it might. It was worth a shot, right?
  • Don’t publicize the rejection by talking about it on Facebook, Twitter, or any other public area because it’s embarrassing for both of you.
  • Don’t take a rejection too seriously. It is, after all, a school dance. If anything, have a group of friends as back-up.
  • Don’t be rude when rejecting someone. Ease them into it, or blame it on your parents if necessary. Break it to them easy.
  • Don’t take your time responding, unless you need permission to go. It’s better to get it over with rather than leading them on.

Spirit Week
Monday – College day: Go all out and wear your favorite college spirit wear.
Tuesday – Service person day: Dress up like any serviceman/servicewoman
Wednesday – Salad dressing day:
  • Freshmen – French (berets and fashionable clothing)
  • Sophomores – Blue Cheese (anything blue)
  • Juniors – Caesar (togas and sandals)
  • Seniors – Thousand Island (Caribbean/Hawaiian)
Thursday – Cowboys vs. Aliens (upperclassman cowboys and underclassman aliens)
Friday – Black and Gold Day: Support your tigers and dress up in your best BV spirit wear.
Tips and Tricks
  • Actually dress up. Trust me, you’ll look worse if you don’t dress up, rather than just going all out for spirit week.
  • Participate. This is a class competition, so dress up and help your class gain points.
  • Get together with your friends and plan your outfits. It’s not required but it’s a lot more fun if you have somebody to dress up with, you can also feel like an idiot if you don’t look like everyone else.
  • Go to the Homecoming bonfire the Wednesday, Sept. 15. It is located on the practice field behind the school. There will be free Chick-Fil-A as well as the first ever car smash.
  • Go to the Homecoming football game on Friday. It’s one of the most important games of the year, and this year we’re playing West. Also, the Homecoming Queen is announced during half-time. You definitely won’t want to miss that.
  • Worry if you can’t dress up. It’s okay if you have to dress up for a sporting event instead, it happens to a lot of people.
  • Stress out about not finding the perfect outfit. Spirit Week is supposed to be fun and silly.
  • Just treat this like any other week. It’s the week before a big school football game and dance, and it’s meant for everyone to get into the spirit!
  • Feel like you can’t participate if you don’t have a date. There are only a few Spirit Weeks a year, so it doesn’t matter who you’re going with. Even if you aren’t going to the dance you can still dress up. Just have fun with it.
  • Skip dressing up on a day that you think has a stupid theme. If everyone decided to not dress up, there would be no point for a Spirit Week.
  • Follow the crowd. Come up with your own idea for an outfit, and try not to  copy off someone else’s ideas. The more original, the better.
Sneak Peak: Next post will be about all of the Homecoming details everyone should know.