Staff Editorial: Teachers deserve appreciation, respect for extra efforts to help student body

Emily Brown, Opinion Editor

Editor’s Note: This is the staff editorial published in the November print issue of The Tiger Print. The opinions expressed in this column were voted on by the staff, with 23 members agreeing and 1 member disagreeing.

Voices call out around the table covered in steaming dishes.
“I’m thankful for my mom and dad.”
“I’m thankful for this delicious food.”
“I’m thankful for my friends.”
How often do you hear the words, “I’m thankful for my teachers?”
Teachers go out of their way to help us.
They get to school early to help with homework.
They stay late after school to let us retake tests.
They schedule review sessions to help us with material we should have already learned.
They negotiate our grades, listen to our excuses and chat with us in the hallways.
They put up with scowls, snotty comments and child-like behavior on a daily basis.
And they rarely get any thanks for all of that hard work — and they certainly don’t get paid to stay late and arrive early.
They do it for our education.
You would be surprised how much they would treasure a simple note, especially after grading hundreds of papers and tests.
Yes, we have a hard life. Homework, school and work.
But they have to work just as much as us, if not more.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, teachers are far more likely to do work at home than other professionals.
That means their working hours far exceed the normal school day.
They go home and often have their own children and spouses to care for. But they still have to do their own homework ­— which is quadrupled our amount.
Imagine how much they have to grade on a daily basis. They have hundreds, if not thousands of assignments to read and grade throughout the year.
Those papers don’t just get graded by themselves.
They spend hours planning out lessons, attending meetings and going to workshops to improve their teaching skills.
Many teachers live for their students.
Now it is time that we show them that we appreciate their effort, their hard work and their kindness.
During this time of thanksgiving, show your teacher that you are thankful for everything they do.
All it takes is a simple gesture.