Winter Break Withdrawl

Anna Wonderlich, Co-Editor

20 Reasons Why Post-Winter Break Isn’t So Bad:
1. Miss seeing your friends everyday at school? You can catch up with everyone now that we’re back!
2. Spring break is just around the corner…time to begin the countdown. It’s like the next best thing to summer and winter break.
3. Think positive thoughts. Winter break may be over but at least you have something to do every day from 7:45 to 2:50 five days a week.
4. Now you can show off the new clothes or accessories you got for holiday presents, but don’t lose any of your new gadgets or leave them somewhere they could get stolen.
5. You can swap some of those awkward relative stories with your friends.
6. A new semester is the perfect time to start over. Not completely satisfied with the grades you got on your first semester finals? You can really get down to business and study hard this semester.
7. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some of BV’s cafeteria food again –– nacho bar, whole-grain pasta and pizza…my favorite.
8. It’s time to get working on those New Year’s resolutions you made. Don’t quit or forget about them this early in the year!
9. In just two short weeks we get Monday, Jan. 16 off of school for President’s Day. Three day weekends are the best, and who doesn’t love a day off of school?
10. It’s time to start stressing and planning for the Sadie Hawkins dance, ladies! We’re only a little over a month away from the dance. Did you meet anyone over winter break? And don’t forget about the crazy spirit days.
11. There’s always the chance of a snowday in January or February, just like all the snowdays we had last year after winter break. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
12. All the winter sports are picking up and spring sports will be starting before you know it. That means a whole variety of games to go watch and show some Tiger pride. And for those of you on a team, it’s a great way to burn off all the snacks and holiday desserts you had over break. (See the list below for upcoming varsity games.)
13. There’s a lot of things happening inside the walls of BV: The Tiger Print and Tiger TV are working on new issues, students are practicing for the musical, choirs are rehearsing for concerts, Fifth Wall Comedy Troupe is performing again soon, a second Pizza Dance is scheduled for Jan. 20, etc. (See the list below for some upcoming events at BV.)
14. If you’re participating in Relay for Life, get excited: Relay is only two months away! March 2, here we come.
15. It’s that time of year again…enrollment! Time to bring out the four-year plans again.
16. You’re all caught up on sleeping in thanks to winter break, so maybe waking up early won’t be as bad… just kidding. At least you got extra sleep for a little while.
17. Seniors: ready or not, it’s your last semester at BV. Make it count!
18. It’s time for that second semester elective you’ve been waiting all year to take –– the wait is over!
19. You’ll remember how much you appreciated Friday nights and weekends during the school year.
20. Summer is still far away, but at least we’re one semester closer.

A Look Ahead at Varsity Games and Other Events: January

Wed. Jan 4. —
Second Semester Begins
Enrollment Fair
College Panel – PAC
Senior Class Photo

Thurs. Jan 5. —
Girls Varsity Basketball vs. Blue Valley Northwest -7 p.m.
Boys Swim vs. Turner -4 p.m.

Fri. Jan 6. —
Boys Varsity Basketball vs. BVNW -7 p.m.
Varsity Wrestling at BVNW -6 p.m.

Sat. Jan. 7 —
Varsity Wresting at SMS -9 a.m.

Mon. Jan 9 —
Varsity Girls Basketball vs. Miege -7 p.m.

Tues. Jan. 10 —
Varsity Boys Basketball vs. Miege -7 p.m.

Thurs. Jan. 12 —
Varsity Boys Swimming at Emporia -4 p.m.

Friday Jan. 13 —
“Friday the 13th”
Varsity Wrestling at Basehor -12 p.m.
Varsity Boys Basketball vs. BVSW -7 p.m.
Varsity Girls Basketball vs. BVSW -7 p.m.

Sat. Jan. 14 —
Varsity Boys Swimming at BVNW -10:30 a.m.
Varsity Wrestling at Basehor -9 a.m.

Mon. Jan. 16 —
No School – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Fri. Jan. 20 —
Varsity Wrestling at BVNW Invitational -4 p.m.
Varsity Girls Basketball vs. Gardner -7 p.m.
Varsity Boys Basketball at SMW Tournament
Pizza Dance after Girls Basketball game -Commons

Sat. Jan. 21 —
Varsity Wrestling at Piper -9 a.m.
Varsity Wrestling at BVNW Invitational -10 a.m.
TBA Boys Swimming at BVSW Invitational
Varsity Boys Basketball at SMW Tournament

Tues. Jan. 24 —
Varsity Wrestling Dual vs. BVW -7 p.m.

Wed. Jan. 25 —
Curriculum Night/Activities Fair at BVHS

Thurs. Jan. 26 —
Band Chili Dinner and Concert -PAC and Commons
Varsity Girls Basketball at Topeka West Tournament

Fri. Jan. 27 —
Varsity Boys Basketball vs. Garder -7 p.m.
Varsity Girls Baseketball at Topeka West Tournament
Newspaper Distribution Day

Sat. Jan. 28 —
Show Choir Festival – PAC
Varsity Boys Diving at SME
Varsity Wrestling at SMN -9 a.m.

Mon. Jan. 30 —
Varsity Girls Bowling at Ranch Bowl
Varsity Girls Basketball vs. BVNW -7 p.m.
South Area Choral Festival in BVHS Gym -7 p.m.

Tues. Jan. 31 —
Varsity Boys Basketball vs. BVNW -7 p.m.