Music suggestions for students

Jordan Huesers, Co-editor

Such a simple word encompasses so much. We have different genres, different artists, different songs, different instruments, different lyrics.
We have the hip hop, the jazz, the alternative, the blues.
We have the wonderful world of country music (I say this in a sarcastic tone, unless you’re one of those avid fans who gets angry when someone says something slightly negative about the twangy music).
Not to mention all the names associated with the music biz.
You get the picture.
And, as students, we all know school is almost over.
Yes, summer has almost arrived.
The sun, the vacations, the long nights and the not-so-early mornings. Only one more quarter left.
Music helps, at least for me, to pass the time — no matter how I’m feeling. Maybe I am in one of those “I must accomplish everything tonight” moods. Or maybe a “Uh, homework, yeah, not happening” mood.
Here’s some music suggestions for you if you ever feel like turning the volume up and tossin’ those headphones on.
But heads up, I’m not a music expert. I can’t tell you the names of the all the band members or all the band’s albums, so don’t quiz me.
I can, however, tell you what sounds good to me and what fits my mood.
Let’s kick it off with The Black Keys.
The two band members are amazing. Amazing. The group plays alternative, indie, blues rock. But it all comes to down to singer Dan Auerbach’s voice. Take a listen. This music is for the “I don’t really care for rules; I’m my own person” mentality. Three songs you should listen to: “Everlasting Light,” “Howlin’ For You” and “Your Touch”.
Now let’s try The Civil Wars.
Once again the group has two members. They play a folk, Americana sound.
They are my homework music. Turn them up when you work on your easy physics homework, and play them softly in the background when you read your history textbook. The soothing music helps you stay awake but doesn’t detract from your ability to complete assignments. Three songs you should listen to: “I’ve Got This Friend,” “Poison & Wine” and “The Violet Hour.”
Next up, Modest Mouse.
I wouldn’t be able to fully express my love of this band in print even if I tried. Issac Brock, the lead singer, has a sick voice. It’s absolutely the strangest thing you could hear, but at the same time, the most wonderful. I always say I plan on marrying him one day. The band incorporates the banjo, ukulele, keyboard, fiddle, horn, drum, every possible sound you could think of. The music can get strange, but the lyrics remain inspiring. “Don’t worry even if things end up a bit too heavy, we’ll all float on, alright.” Three songs you should listen to: “The World At Large,” “March Into The Sea” and “Ocean Breathes Salty.”
My final suggestion. Wilco.
At first, you may not like it. The first time I heard this band, I begged my father to turn off the awful music.
However, I began to hear a few songs here and there on my Pandora account, and now I absolutely adore this band. Maybe the music just has to grow on you.
The band has songs to get me through the long nights. Songs to help me fall asleep. Songs to encourage my typical rebellious behavior. And songs to distract me from life. The band plays a vast array of music. Some alternative rock, some folk rock. Basically everything you’d want in a band.
Plus, the band produced a ton of albums. You won’t be able to get tired of the music. Even if you try.
And you can’t say lead singer Jeff Tweedy isn’t the most adorable man you’ve ever seen. Three songs you listen to: “You and I,” “I’m the Man Who Loves You” and “Heavy Metal Drummer.”
I still suggest a little bit of City and Colour and the ever-popular Mumford and Sons, but only if you have time.