Senior Column: ‘Never let the little things pass you by.’

Sara Naatz, Co-editor

It’s Monday morning again. What a joy.
That awful moment when your alarm starts blaring that god-awful sound over and over and over again. That split second of indecision when you have to choose between smashing your alarm clock or pushing your unwilling body out of bed.
Subconscious mind makes a snap decision. SNOOZE. No need for a shower today. You read on Yahoo! last night that washing your hair every day gives you split ends anyway.
Then, after hitting your snooze button approximately 12 more times, you swing your legs out of bed.
As you brush your teeth, you consider that you have only a few more weeks of waking up early. Only a few more weeks of bashing your head on the steering wheel as you wait at the four-way stop at 159th Street and Nall Avenue. Only a few more weeks of never having time to eat a real breakfast.
But guess what? Life doesn’t change a whole lot. We might be waking up in our own apartments, but we’re still waking up early. We might be waiting at a stoplight in New York City, but we’re still bashing our heads against the steering wheel. And we’re never going to have time to grab anything more than a Special K granola bar for breakfast.
That’s why it’s so important we appreciate the little things.
We don’t get to choose when our schedules are jam-packed or when tragedy strikes.
Life is inconvenient.
But sometimes, when we’re rushing from a National Honor Society meeting to a doctor’s appointment (which, of course, is on the opposite end of town), our favorite song comes on the radio. And, for a few minutes, all our frustrations dissipate as we crank up the volume.
Maybe it’s those things that make life what it is.
It’s Monday morning again. What a joy.
You wake up 10 minutes before your alarm goes off and get to go back to sleep — which is pretty much like winning the lottery, but you get paid in sleep instead of money.
It’s the little things.
On your way out the door, you’re so frantic trying not to be late that you have no time to grab breakfast.
As you swing open the door, hauling your 800-pound backpack, your mom grabs you and hands you the cinnamon rolls she woke up 10 minutes early to make for you.
It’s the little things.
Halfway to school, you realize you forgot your research paper. But when you walk into your first hour class, your teacher informs you she’s moved the deadline back one day.
It’s the little things.
We’ve always been told “run to finish.” Well, sometimes, that run can be a little tiring.
Don’t let all the things you can’t control control you.
Whether it’s 10 extra minutes of sleep or a hug from your favorite person in the world, never let the little things pass you by.