Preparation from students, school community leads to success

Kelly Cordingley, Editor in Chief

The Tiger Print was never printed, and none of the pages were designed.
Not a single staffer showed up for editing days, and the writers failed to meet deadlines.
Basically, I failed my first task as editor-in-chief. This is certainly not how I planned on starting the last year of my high school career.
These thoughts ran through my head quite a bit this summer as I imagined every possible scenario of how I could manage to screw up the first day issue.
Granted, I probably think about The Tiger Print more than most people do.
Thankfully, the paper went off without a hitch, and I couldn’t be more proud of the staff.
I worried for no reason whatsoever, though I tend to do that. Everything I needed to succeed was sitting under my nose.
From my peers, I’ve heard both excitement and worry about our upcoming senior year.
Some question if they’re ready for those college applications.
Some fret over not taking the ACT yet, and I might be included in that category.
Some are just thrilled to be almost done with high school, another category I might fall under.
Regardless, there are some jittery nerves in the senior class, but all the qualities we need to succeed as seniors we already possess.
We are much more prepared than we think.
Our teachers have spent hours upon hours ensuring we are ready for AP English Literature and Calculus. Those teachers will spend hours upon hours preparing us for even harder college classes, which will prepare us for life.
It seems the key to our success as seniors is preparation.
If we genuinely prepare for our next step, how could we fail?
When we have multitudes of teachers and administrators pulling for our success, how could anything go awry?
This is the year we seniors have been building up to, our final hurrah at Blue Valley. This is the last year we have to make our mark, whether it be good or bad. For most of us, this is our last year of living at home, having teachers make exceptions for us because we were “sick” and hanging out at Sonic after our football team dominates on Friday nights.
So really, we’ve almost made it to the end, only 276 days of preparation to go.