Staff Editorial: Tiger Time doesn’t fulfill full potential

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Almost every Thursday between 4th and 6th hour, students trudge into their respective Tiger Time classrooms.
Note the word ‘trudge’ — they aren’t thrilled to be there.
Sometimes there is a lesson, sometimes Tiger TV.
For the freshman, lessons usually include four-year plans.
For the sophomores, lessons usually include four-year plans.
Sometimes, junior’s lessons include four-year planning, too.
Clearly, seniors aren’t too concerned with a four-year plan for high school.
Lucky seniors.
We stick with the same Tiger Time teacher and class during the four years we attend Blue Valley. We’re supposed to bond and get to know the place where we spend most of our time.
Oddly enough, Tiger Time doesn’t exactly prepare us for life beyond high school.
Those four-year plans don’t need to be repeated over, and over and over again, either.
Juniors either don’t care, or have their future classes figured out already. Sophomores are usually too ornery to pay much attention, so it seems the freshman are the only ones who benefit from four-year plans.
Students who care enough to plan would do it with or without being told to create a four-year plan, anyway.
Tiger Time is a wonderful concept — get to know your peers, grow as a student at BV, plan your life.
But in reality, most students would much rather have an extra 50-some minutes to work on homework, or be released from school early.
Maybe it is the monotony of it all — every Thursday seeing the same people, trapped in the same freezing room we don’t want to be in and working on something fairly useless in the grand scheme of life.
Our math homework deserves more attention than a Tiger Time lesson does.
As far as getting to know our peers, a much better option would be class meetings or class activities.
Those 15 or so students we spend time with in Tiger Time are probably bored of seeing the same faces every Thursday for four years.
Let’s switch it up some.
As previously stated, Tiger Time is a nice concept, but it has so much potential to be something more useful.