People’s opinions should not effect accomplishing dreams

Abby Bamburg, Entertainment Editor

“Good luck with that.”
“That is never going to happen.”
“Yeah, right.”
I have heard these phrases over and over again throughout my life.
I wanted to be a princess, then a ballerina and then a pop star. Unrealistic careers, I know.
But that still doesn’t give anyone the right to rain on a little girl’s parade.
Yes, I have grown up a little since then. I stopped thinking I was going to marry all five of the Backstreet Boys. I stopped thinking I had the best voice on the face of the planet.
I started to focus on more realistic careers to make a living.
Going into fashion journalism is my biggest passion.
I want to move to California, go to a fashion institute for college and work at a fashion magazine.
Now, this is where most people will say, “Good luck with that,” to me sarcastically.
At first, it made me question my whole plan. It made me ask myself if all that hard work, and, maybe failure, would be worth it.
Then I realized how much better it will be to do something I actually love in a new place with new people, than just settling for a career in Johnson County.
So, I just simply say, “Thank you.”
Not because I think they are wrong, but because they should keep their opinions and doubts to themselves. Those people obviously don’t care about you enough to believe in you.
No matter what you want to do with your life, you’re always going to have people tell you that you can’t.
The good news is, there will always be those few people who tell you that you can.
Although I am completely aware of how hard it will be, I will still try.
What is the real harm in trying? That it might not work out?
If you have any chance to do what makes you happiest, then do it.
When you actually accomplish those dreams, you can laugh in all of the people’s faces that told you it will never happen.
After all, go big or go home, right?