Siblings should get along, share close bond

Anna Wonderlich, Co-Editor

“Why do you guys get along so well? Aren’t you supposed to hate each other?”
It’s a question I get asked all the time about my relationship with my sister Maria.
I find it funny people think it’s weird we’re so close. Wouldn’t it be weird if we didn’t spend time with each other? I mean, we are just 18 months apart.
Of course Maria and I get into stupid fights about controlling the music in the car or borrowing each other’s stuff, but, for the most part, we get along — maybe even more than most siblings do. In fact, my sister and I are basically best friends.
Now, is that really so weird?
Growing up, Maria and I were always each other’s playmate, whether we were playing school, American Girl dolls or some make-believe game. At first, our parents forced us to play together, but eventually we just chose to because we had fun with each other.
Now that we’re older and both in high school, we’re still just as close — doing homework together, going on Sonic runs and just hanging out like friends do.
I wouldn’t trade any of our late night conversations, inside jokes or memories for anything.
In general, brothers and sisters are the ultimate best friend.
You can confide in them or stay up for hours on end just having random conversations with them. You can stick together when dealing with your parents, especially when negotiating family rules like curfew. You can easily relate to each other because you have so much in common just from being in the same family. Plus, having a sibling means you’re guaranteed someone to endure all the family vacations, holidays and gatherings with.
So here’s my advice to all you sibs out there: just get along.
The quote “Friends come and go, but family is forever” sums it up perfectly: there’s no getting rid of our siblings for good.
However, you only have a limited number of years left together before one of you goes to college — why not enjoy that time with each other instead of wasting it by fighting?
For those of you with siblings out of the house, it’s still not too late to start getting along. My challenge for you is to do something simple to show how much you appreciate them.
Sure, all siblings get into fights — it’s an inevitable part of having brothers and sisters — but it’s just not worth your time or energy to hate each other when you could have fun together instead.
I guarantee it’s a decision both you and your siblings won’t regret.