Teens able to form unique thoughts, not rely on parent’s opinions to form their own

alex kontopanos, Photo Editor

“You look like your mom.”
“You talk like your dad.”
I’m sure you’ve heard these phrases one too many times. Personally, it doesn’t bother me when I hear a comment like that, but if someone told me that I think like my mom, or I have my dad’s opinions on certain things, I would be annoyed. I can think for myself. My opinions are my own and no one else’s.
I’m not saying I don’t agree with my parents. My parents influence me and shape my principles along with most of my morals in life.
Still, there are certain aspects of my life in which I can make my own judgments about, and politics is a good example of this.
Students are always making comments like, “Your opinion isn’t even valid. You’re just reiterating what your parents think.”
They couldn’t be more false.
Sure, there are people who share their parent’s opinions, but not all of us do.
In fact, most of us, as high schoolers, can form our own ideas and views on situations independently. Just because someone’s ideals aren’t a replica of your own, does not mean that their opinions don’t belong to them.
Some could argue kids our age can’t form their own opinions because their brains do not have that capacity yet. If this is true, then how is it possible for toddlers to tell their parents the broccoli on the dinner plate is disgusting, and they refuse to eat it?
Isn’t that their own opinion?
That is an opinion totally independent of a parent’s perspective.
Plus, think about how awful it would be if we all thought like our parents. There would be no social progress or evolution of civilization because new ideas would never be created.
Having opposing views is a good thing, and thinking for yourself is immensely important, especially in a world where there are so many people trying to sway your opinion or convince you to believe lies.
When President Barack Obama first ran for office, people made up rumors that he wasn’t an American citizen and therefore not eligible to become president. Even worse, people actually believed them because they didn’t check their facts. They didn’t stop to think that the information those people were feeding them could have been untrue.
Independent thinking is a miracle to mankind. You can think for yourself, so take advantage of it.
With the recent presidential election, it’s crucial to form your own opinions without the influences of those around you. You have the power to decide for yourself what is wrong and right.
You don’t need your mommy or daddy holding your hand every step of the way.