Staff Editorial: Fence built around mobiles isn’t necessary, will be a hassle


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For anyone used to walking straight to a mobile classroom from their parking spot, that will no longer be as simple once the new 6-foot, wrought-iron fence is built.
Yes, that’s right.
A fence around the mobiles.
This fence isn’t necessary and won’t have that big of an impact. Blue Valley has had those mobiles for years, and those east doors are never locked. Nothing terrible has happened yet, so why build it now?
Principal Scott Bacon said he consulted with the district to decide how to keep BV safe and came up with a fence with gates that are only usable from the inside.
“The primary purpose is to enhance safety,” Bacon said. “Right now, we lock outside doors, but we can’t by the mobiles, and nothing is preventing people from entering the east side.”
Now, the only entrance into the school during school hours will be through the front doors.
“I think [the front entrance] will be very effective,” Bacon said. “We have a secure building for students and staff except for that east side.”
Construction on the fence will start by winter break, at the latest.
The idea makes sense — why wouldn’t you want to make extra safety precautions for the school?
The school board should use the money they’re spending on this fence on something more important that could be used to benefit students.
Buy some new computers or new athletic equipment.
There are plenty of things we could buy instead of a fence.
Feeling safe is very important to a learning environment, but fencing students in seems to be going a little overboard.
It will be like a cage.
The design of the fence won’t match the architecture of the building, and it will look out of place.
It will end up being a hassle for seniors in the front parking lot who used to walk straight through to the senior hallway.
Teachers with mobile classrooms will not be able to walk straight to their classrooms anymore.
Fire drills will be less efficient as students shuffle through narrow gates.
The positives won’t weigh out the negatives, and building this fence won’t achieve anything.