Despite high school memories, relationships, graduation spurs excitement for future

Kelly Cordingley, Editor in Chief

Only one more set of high school finals to go.
Only one more prom to attend.
Only a few more assemblies to compete in class competitions.
Only a few more papers to submit to last minute, and hopefully no more than three tardies to first hour.
Yeah, high school has been fantastic.
I wouldn’t trade the friends I have made for the world, and I’ve learned a plethora of life lessons here at Blue Valley.
I’ve learned everyone has a story.
I’ve learned those who seem less than bright may surprise you later on.
I’ve learned people you hardly talked to the first three years of high school can become the people who help you learn complex math problems the night before a test.
I’ve learned most people want to help you out if you’ve been nice to them before you needed something.
Even with the wonderful experiences I’ve had here, I’m not dying to stick around.
Life beyond high school is the next step, and we are supposed to take it.
College isn’t something we should fear — it is something we should look forward to.
It is where people can meet lifelong friends and future spouses.
It is where we find ourselves.
I hear all too often I should enjoy my time in high school because, pretty soon, things are going to get real.
I couldn’t agree more.
Everyone should try to enjoy their time in high school, especially at a high school as fabulous as BV.
But, being excited to move on and away is just fine, too.
Embrace the change that is coming — don’t fear it.
Thousands of 18 year olds are headed off to college in the fall, each one with something unique to them.
There are thousands of new people to meet, to become close with, to go to lunch with and to walk to classes with.
No, college isn’t going to be as comfortable and as easy as high school was.
But, then again, neither is life.
I cannot wait to go to college, but that doesn’t mean I cannot wait to leave BV.
I’ll cry at graduation.
I’ll be upset about leaving my friends and everything I’ve accomplished here.
But, moving onto college will be one of the best things ever.
So, one semester left to go.
One semester left to embrace both what I’ll miss, and what I’m excited for.