A New Focus: Teenagers must change attitude toward peers

Riley Miller, Opinion Editor

We know perfect doesn’t exist, but we all want it anyway, and for some reason it’s almost expected more in others than in ourselves. People are judged for things they have no control over. No one ever stops to think, “Wow, maybe that person has something going on in their life,” before they say, “God, they look ridiculous today.”
No one ever stops to consider that just maybe, someone has things really bad. We just judge them — and that’s what’s wrong with this world.
Ask almost any adult and they’ll probably say high school years are supposed to be some of the best years of anyone’s life.
They’re supposed to be fun and worry-free, but according to save.org, the third leading cause of death for people ages 15-24 years old is suicide.
Some might call it ironic, almost, how some people are fighting for their lives every day while others will do anything to just get out and end everything. But in this cruel society that we live in, it’s easy for a lot of people to understand that suicide will be the easy way out for someone who’s struggling.
Nobody should be willing to take their own life because of the way they’re treated by others.
It’s time for everyone to take a long hard look at their lives and realize what they’re doing wrong — it’s time for all of us to change.
Yes, our New Year’s Resolutions have already been made. Some may have already been broken at this point.
But considering the way everyone treats each other, I think it’s important that everyone has this one resolution in particular at the top of their list: stop judging others for what we see and consider what they might have going on in their lives.
We need to keep that in mind all year round, instead of carelessly not following through with it because it’s too difficult, like the other resolutions attempted.
Blue Valley is supposed to be a “first-class school.”
Students here are supposed to be like family, but there’s really nothing first-class about treating our peers as if they don’t have feelings.
This year will give us all another chance to change our ways and become better people, this year will be different.
Think about it, a little less judgement and hatred towards others could actually save someone’s life.

For more information on suicide prevention visit http://www.sptsusa.org/, or call 1-800-273-8255