Staff Editorial: Different teaching styles may cause variance in same course

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Same course, different teacher.
Same course, different book.
Same course, different lesson plan.
No matter if the classes are the same, it is never completely consistent.
Sometimes while one class is doing reports and essays, the other is watching movies and doing worksheets. But it is the same course.
It’s unfair to the students spending all hour doing a written assessment, while the other teacher’s class is doing a 15-minute multiple-choice quiz.
It’s quite clear which teachers are the “easier” teachers. They watch the movies and give easy quizzes.
It’s also quite clear which teachers have the more difficult classes.
They are teaching the same material, but they do it so differently, you can’t even tell it’s the same course. Sometimes they even have different books for the same course. This makes switching classes at any point during the year even more difficult. Chances are no two classes are at the exact same spot in the curriculum.
Of course this leaves students with easy-going teachers happy and students with the tough teachers annoyed.
They do more work but get the same grades as the easier classes, or even worse grades depending on how the teacher grades.
These changes also occur between different schools.
Different schools are reading different summer reading assignment books.
Physics is especially different between the schools. Unlike Blue Valley High, most schools use textbooks.
So, don’t try and ask your friend from Blue Valley West for any help. They probably won’t even be on the same unit as your class.
This is a big problem in some Advanced Placement classes.
They originally are supposed to be consistent across the entire U.S. but, in fact, aren’t even consistent in our school.
AP students will be on totally different schedules and learn different things and not be prepared equally for the exam.
Inconsistencies between the same classes are causing major issues. It shouldn’t be this difficult to teach the same things at the same time. If this can be accomplished, it will benefit the students and the teachers.