Staff Editorial: Class competitions taken too seriously, cause conflict


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Class competitions are not something that should be taken as seriously as they are.
It isn’t the end of the world if your grade doesn’t have the most people dressed up on a spirit day.
You can almost guarantee the seniors are going to win anyway, but that doesn’t mean you should completely give up.
It is still fun to plan out your costumes everyday and surprise your friends with your creations. Plus, it’s ten times more exciting going to school dressed in 80s gear than your normal jeans and a t-shirt.
The one competition that does have a tendency to change is the class chants at assemblies.
Numerous times, the junior class has stepped it up and defeated the seniors.
This year, the juniors even won the class dance with “Waka Waka” by Shakira.
There have been some close calls, but in the end, the seniors will be the ones going on the bowling trip while the rest of the students are at school.
It has never been different, and it never will be.
The senior class — despite rumors — does not cheat, so don’t even try that argument.
By the time you get to be a senior, you will have so much school spirit, you won’t even need to cheat to win.
Enough students participate, so it will be easy to win. When you’re a senior, you will understand.
This is all done in good fun. It’s not meant to start World War III between those few students who take these things way too seriously.
Just enjoy the spirit competitions. Sing along to the songs played during passing periods, join in on your class’ dance, help decorate doorways — just do whatever you can to contribute because even though you may not win, it will still be fun to do all these things.

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