Students need to accept themselves, resist criticizing their bodies

Sally Cochran, Editor in Chief

All day long, I hear people, mostly girls, talking themselves down.
“My hair looks like crap.”
“I’m so ugly.”
“Ugh, I’m so fat.”
The fact is: I’m tired of hearing these things.
Everyone is beautiful.
I understand — we all have physical features that we aren’t crazy about.
Let me tell you a story: I have crazy curly hair.
Sometimes it looks half-decent.
But most of the time, it just looks like a giant mass of frizzy, blonde fluff.
I spent all of last year trying to tame my curls into the sleek, long locks I see on models, TV stars and on a large number of girls at Blue Valley.
But guess what?
It all failed.
I tried everything, believe me — straightening products, a special brush meant to straighten my hair, blow-drying it straight.
After many trials — and many errors — I finally just had to accept the fact that I have curly hair.
It’s how my genes are wired, and there is no beauty product that will change that.
Now, even when I occasionally attempt to flat-iron my hair, I have to accept that the ends will be curly again within half an hour.
I’m OK with that.
Whatever it is for you, you have to accept yourself as you.
You have to face the facts — some things can’t be changed.
I’m not incredibly religious, but I have strong belief in the Serenity Prayer. “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.”
This applies to many parts of your life, especially to yourself and your body.
Know that no matter how much you hate that one physical feature, it’s just the way you are.
Focus on things you can change.
For one, you can change your attitude about your body. Instead of hating on ourselves, what if we focused on more positive goals?
Smile more.
Hold your head up.
Live every day with confidence. Because you are special. Because you are unique. Because you are beautiful.