National Honor Society requirements do not challenge students, need to be raised

Caroline Meinzenbach, Opinion Editor

National Honor
You could say it’s a big deal. Or at least it’s supposed to be. To be eligible for NHS at Blue Valley, a student must have a 3.5 weighted or unweighted GPA and 20 hours of community service.
BV has already raised these requirements from the national ones.
But still, with these requirements, almost everyone is eligible. It isn’t as special anymore.
Now, that doesn’t mean everyone eligible gets in. Not everyone can — or wants — to get all the recommenda- tions filled out on time. But enough people do it that it loses its importance.
This past March, 139 juniors and a few seniors were inducted into NHS.
As an honor society, it appears to be exclusive and prestigious, but how can it be exclusive if almost half the students get in?
This isn’t saying NHS is a bad thing. It’s simply say- ing we, as a school, need to raise our requirements.
Not that a 3.5 GPA is low, but students at this school are held to a higher standard, and more is expected of us that raising the requirements could be possible.
To be eligible for the National Science Honor Society at BV, students must have a 3.5 GPA in their science classes and be enrolled in at least one AP science class.
Many students are already at a 3.5 GPA or higher.
NHS should take into consideration the students who are enrolled in honors and Advanced Placement classes.
They could have the same GPA as a student in easier classes but get the same recognition.
This isn’t fair to the students taking the more difficult path.
NHS should be an elite group of students who can proudly say they are a part of it.
How proud are you if you’re standing up there with 200 of your closest classmates?
At other schools, a 3.5 GPA could mean top of your class. Therefore, those requirements would be reasonable. But we are capable of more than that.
Challenge us.
Make us want to reach new levels so we can be a part of it.
Don’t let us assume we will get admitted just because “everyone does anyway.”