$1.6 Million: Concerns regarding amount of funding for new stadium arise; money could be better used elsewhere

Makayla Nicholis, Staff Writer

$1.6 million.
With $1.6 million, you could buy a Lamborghini Reventon, the most powerful and expensive Lamborghini in the world.
With $1.6 million, you could buy a 6,017 square-foot house. You could beat out singer Jon Bon Jovi’s donation to Sandy Hook victims by nearly two times.
With $1.6 million, you could fully immunize approximately 112,596 children in Sub-Saharan Africa.
You could pay for a cancer patient’s chemotherapy medication 5,333 times — that’s 42,666 weeks worth of leucovorin.
You could put 465,116 gallons of gas in your car, move to an exotic island or send your children and their children to law school.
You could even… build new stands for a football field?
I’ll speak quite plainly — I am morbidly ashamed.
In fact, if I’m being completely honest, I feel embarrassed to even be associated with a school that would waste such a vast amount of money on something as worthless as a place to sit our butts during a sports game.
Come on people — this is football we’re talking about.
The entire idea of a fall sports event is to go sprawl out in the grass, eat some barbecue and toss around a ball.
Whoever thought we had to have a throne in order to cheer on our team needs a serious reality check.
What’s next, golden toilet seats for the bathrooms?
So, you want the school to look nice and seem like it deserves to be one of the top schools in the nation.
You want to show the team that we support them — that’s just dandy.
But does that really mean we need an elevator to get to the top of the stands?
And I’m going to drown the idea now that I think the Blue Valley School District should be handing out all its funds in a regal attempt to save the world.
I realize a lot of people would be pretty reluctant to see their money used in any way that wasn’t benefiting them.
However, I find it difficult to believe seating was where the district needed to be spending such an outstanding sum.
Maybe we should have stopped to consider the school’s parking spaces being smaller than my pinky.
Perhaps we should have taken a glance at the publication date on the anatomy textbooks or looked into the cost of something, say, educational.
This is a school, by the way.
Don’t get me wrong — I like seats just as much as the next American.
But $1.6 million?
I can’t even wrap my head around that.
You don’t like the way people stick up their noses at you, point their fingers accusingly and dismiss you as an ignorant Johnson County kid?
Well guess what — we just fulfilled that label.
We may have a lavish football stadium for our athletes now, but the day I found out the BV District wasted over a million dollars on a place to sit was absolutely not a great day to be a Tiger.