Staffer comments on ideas backing Affordable Care Act

Sheila Gregory, Co-Editor

This word conjures up images I’m not sure I’m proud of. People who cling to their guns with bacon-greased fingers isn’t a picture I want to be a part of. We aren’t doing well as a country.
The political gridlock, or the fine folks in Congress unable to agree with the president on anything, has made us the laughing stock of civilized countries around the world. And when I say fine folks, I mean near crazy right-wingers.
People voted against stricter background checks for purchasing automatic death weapons since 20 kids getting gunned down in an elementary school isn’t enough to shock them into action.
People would rather vote against a bill 40-plus times, and each time it was declared legal. Again, for those who don’t know which bill this is, it’s the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.
They would rather shut down the entire government, doing much more damage than Obamacare could ever cause than face their defeat of not being able to win this one.
Well, hate to break it to everyone who is in a denial fairytale of Obamacare not becoming a law, it’s legal and is here. Luckily, with this new law, you can receive affordable mental care and not be turned down due to pre-existing conditions, which in that fantasy world, you probably have.
And how does this look to other countries? We look like babbling buffoons unable to do anything but go in circles. We look like Ted Cruz looks to the rest of our country — stupid, fat and misinformed.
Socially we are also the laughing stock, America has the highest obesity, teen pregnancy, imprisonment and gun-related murder rates in the world. But we still have our guns, right?
We also have the apparent job-killing, tax-increasing, bad-for-America new health care system. Want to know what it really does? It gives poor families, part-time workers and people with pre-existing conditions affordable, quality care they wouldn’t have been able to receive otherwise.
Health care shouldn’t be something the government withholds from its citizens. It is a simple right everyone deserves without going bankrupt.
No matter what party you think you are affiliated with, we are one country. The good of the country should be on peoples’ minds, not their next move to make our president look weak. He is — keyword — our president — we should support him because we, as a country, can’t survive divided.
One nation.