Choices make us into the people we are; regretting the past unnecessary

Alex Kontopanos, Photo Editor

Every choice we make shapes us into the person we are at this present moment.
Even the little decisions.
Maybe today you chose to chew bubblegum instead of mint gum.
Did it drastically change your life?
Probably not.
But, did it change your mind about what flavor you like best?
And so, you come out of the decision a changed person, even in the smallest way.
Every failure and mistake and regret we have experienced in life builds us into the person we see in the mirror.
Some of us wish we could turn back time and redo our biggest mistakes, but consider that even those big, regretful mistakes are the reason why we are who we are.
Everyone learns from both the good and the bad in their life.
Looking negatively at the past is unproductive, as nothing can be done to change the choices made in that time.
We should live in the present and look toward the future.
Even when we make mistakes, we need to learn what we can from them and use them as tools to push us forward and help us grow.
From personal experience, I often used my regrets to understand what I really wanted in my life and who I wanted to keep in my life.
As we journey through life, we discover that there are hard times, but we can overcome them if we are determined and continue to push through. The decision we make to push through an obstacle now will make us stronger in the future.
Every action defines us, and there’s no doubt that it’s scary to think that our choices are crucial to our character and possess a certain heaviness.
Sometimes, society places too much emphasis on our choices, causing unnecessary and unhealthy stress.
For instance, our school declares that every class we take is essential to our future.
Unless you’re set on becoming a neurophysicist and you’ve already signed up to take every science class available in the curriculum, don’t be afraid to explore something new.
Sign up for an art class even if the most artistic you’ve ever been is while playing Pictionary.
Don’t fear taking a risk — it can only help you grow and discover yourself.
Our choices are significant, but sometimes we can make the choice to make no choice at all and just live freely for a few moments. Even when we make no choice at all, we’ll still end up where we belong.
“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”
Even if you choose to make a choice, and it ends up being a complete failure, it doesn’t mean that your life is doomed.
There will always be good to come from the bad.