Staff Editorial: High schoolers must spend summer break productively, make time worthwhile

Staff editorial vote: 22 agree, 3 disagree

Everyone counts down until the last day of school.
Tweets are sent out every day stating how much students “just need summer.”
The anticipation for summer has been there all school year long, and now it’s finally here.
…and you’re sitting at home watching Netflix?
Summer is something almost every student looks forward to since the beginning of each school year. And these summer breaks are some of our last before we get out in the real world.
As high schoolers we have slim to no responsibilities — especially during summer — usually nothing more severe than a part-time job and chores around the house. So, unless everyone’s planning on becoming a teacher, summer breaks aren’t something we’ll typically have as adults with careers.
Think about it — we may not have breaks like these until we retire. As depressing as that sounds, it should make us all feel a little more inclined to use the time we have to have the time of our lives.
The stress of college applications, standardized tests and the school year as a whole goes away, yet we still don’t use our summer breaks to our full advantage.
These summers have the potential to be some of the best times of our lives, so don’t waste them.
Go to concerts.
Make a bucket list.
Go on road trips with friends.
Have bonfires.
Go on a mission trip, or complete some community service.
Do everything you possibly can to create memories that will get you through the next school year (without getting into too much trouble, of course), especially if your spare time would otherwise be wasted on sitting around doing nothing.
It’s understandable to have a lazy day every once in a while, but don’t make your whole summer into one big lazy day. Everyone who had to sustain the homework, the projects and the borderline grades right before finals from the past school year is well-deserving of a summer they’ll never forget.
Imagine getting back to school after the long summer and being asked, “What did you do this summer?” in the dreaded “getting to know you” activities. What are you going to say? Hopefully not something regarding Netflix.
Imagine getting to college and realizing how much time you actually have to dedicate to studying rather than partying and wishing you would’ve done more with your last summer break of high school.
Kansas may be pretty boring at times, but that’s no excuse for us to waste away the time we’ve been waiting for all school year — the time we’re free to do almost anything.