The Big Picture: Little mistakes don’t define a person’s life

The Big Picture: Little mistakes don’t define a person’s life

Maddie Davis, Co-Editor

It’s different for all of us, but most of us can remember a time in our past where we haven’t been proud of something we’ve done.

Or even, what was done to us.

Each of our lives can be represented as a canvas — white and unmarred by brushstrokes when we are born.

But soon, as the days and months and years streak by, we will make decisions we regret.

We will make mistakes.

We will hurt someone.

Someone will hurt us.

Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that none of us are going to get through life without some bruises and scratches. That’s just the way things work.

At some point, all of the mistakes and bad memories will cover up our previously white canvas with dark brushstrokes, making us believe that life will never be the same as we knew it.

We will begin to think of ourselves as nothing more than all of the negatives.

We’ll start to repeat to ourselves that we are nothing.

We are worthless.

We are failures.

It’s all our fault.

However, we would not be the people we are without experiencing the good and bad in our lives.

Our canvases may seem ruined.

Too far gone to be repaired.

But they’re not.

Each and every single one is a work of art worthy of hanging in the Louvre or Smithsonian.

We just have to change our way of thinking to see the masterpieces for ourselves.