Yield for blue valley drivers

Lydia Hsu, Staff Writer

The bell rings at 2:50 p.m., ending a day at school. A junior heads out to her car, ,trying to get home early, hoping to beat the traffic.

Finally getting to her car, she tries to back out from the small space, without hitting any cars surrounding her. She pulls out and heads towards the exit leading to the road.

However, she encounters more cars also trying to leave the school. She has to wait another 15 minutes, at the least, sitting in her car waiting in the car line or trying to squeeze her way through the other students.

Every day is the same routine for senior, junior and sophomore drivers.

All the students complain about how the parking spaces are too small and that no one can get through. Besides small spaces being an issue, the BV drivers are also at fault.

Have you seen the parents’ line? It’s not as backed up as the students’ lot. That’s because the parents have learned to take turns, letting one car go and then the other, so the line goes faster.

Obviously students need to learn some etiquette while driving; the road is for everyone.

To help with the flow of traffic, the administrators have developed a plan to build a roundabout in the year 2015.

I think the roundabout would make it worse than it is now. Roundabouts are similar to four-way stops, except the drivers yield instead of stopping.

The four-way stop at 159th and Nall already causes traffic, but having a roundabout would make it worse.

There would be more car accidents if a roundabout was installed,they should install a stoplight instead.

The student traffic will get better as the years pass, but for now, students have to deal with the traffic or just wait inside the school until all the cars are gone instead of forcing their way through.