Taking Away from Students’ Holiday Breaks

Hannah Kelly, Fall 2014 J1 Student

Many students at Blue Valley would agree that our holiday breaks aren’t long enough.

For example, I feel there isn’t enough time during Thanksgiving Break to visit family.

The five-day break leaves me with only three days to spend time with family. Traveling on its own takes at least two days for my family and those two days take away from the break. Some people decide to leave early; however, they then have to miss multiple days of school, which can be stressful for most students.

When the students that had to leave early for their trip return, they most likely will be overwhelmed by the amount of school work they need to make up.

You may think the student could have finished their work over their break; however, most students wouldn’t choose to do their homework while spending time on vacation with their families.

Staff members may claim that our breaks are shortened because there is simply not enough time to complete all that needs to be finished in the amount of time we have.

Each year students’ breaks, including summer break, are being shortened by multiple days at a time.

BV students would most likely agree that our school is in session for more days than any other district.

At Saint Thomas Aquinas (STA), students get out of school for summer break on May 21, and they begin school on Aug. 14. For the year of 2014, the BV school district began on Aug. 14 as well; hwoever, we are dismissed for summer break on May 29.

Based on those statistics, you may think the eight-day difference at STA is made up for during the actual school year. You also may think they don’t have as long of breaks that occur during the main of the school year.

I disagree with this because many of my friends who attend STA always talk about how they don’t have school while BV does.

The amount of days in a normal BV holiday break simply does not allow students enough time to vacation, spend time with family and complete extra homework on top of it.

The district may use the excuse, if students’ breaks were made equally as long as other schools, we wouldn’t accomplish what needs to be done.

I strongly disagree because most other school districts are able to complete what needs to be completed while not cutting in to students breaks.

If the district keeps cutting our breaks shorter, some families won’t be able to spend a significant amount of time with their families and I think the problem should be addressed. This would make for a happier student body and community.