Advanced Placement Human Geography

Amelia Lock, Staff Writer

Advanced Placement Human Geography

Advanced Placement (AP) classes are classes taken in high school that can count as college credit due to their rigorous manner and challenging curriculum. Recently a new AP course is being offered at Blue Valley and the Blue Valley District.

AP Human Geography (APHuG) is the first and only AP class available to freshmen at BV. However, it is not limited to freshmen — many sophomores, juniors and seniors have chosen to take the class as well.

Some people are criticizing the decision to allow AP classes for freshmen, claiming they must adapt to the new setting and expectations associated with high school before all of the extra work that goes hand-in-hand with an AP class.

As a freshman currently enrolled in APHuG, I have to disagree.  APHuG has been a great experience for me and many other freshmen. It is a great experience for students who feel bored in class and seem to know all of the information being taught.

It helps to take it as a freshman because it leaves space for other Ap classes later in high school.

Students long for a class where the teacher doesn’t coddle them and give them no responsibilities. This is the perfect class for these students. Some students want their teacher to trust them enough to complete the course work on their own.

Those who wish to attend an ivy league college will need as many higher level classes as they can, and taking AP classes as a freshman fits these standards.

Don’t get me wrong, APHuG isn’t a class for everyone, but students should be able to make their own decisions as to whether or not they are ready for the workload of an AP class.

If teachers claim students have to take care of themselves in high school, they should trust them to know what they are capable of academically.