BV Cheer Credit

Peyton Anderson, Fall 2014 J1 Student

It’s unfair that for a whole semester the Blue Valley cheerleaders have cheer as a class last hour, and it doesn’t count as a half credit for anything. It’s crazy enough that cheer isn’t considered a sport.

Cheer takes up a lot of time out of the cheerleaders’ schedule. Cheer is a lot more hard work than people know. During the school day, most Freshmen have gym class, and then later, the cheerleaders have a class period of non-stop activity in cheer — jumping, stunting, tumbling and yelling.

To graduate, students only need one total physical education credit which every student gets from having to take gym for a year as a freshman. Since cheer is considered an activity, it should at least give us a fine arts or elective credit.

Cheer is the last hour class, but some freshmen have it right after gym class. Cheer gives me great exercise — sometimes, it gets me more tired than gym.

Many of the cheerleaders this year are already planning to quit or stop doing high school cheer just so they can have another actual class in their schedule. It’s a good idea especially if you want more credits, which helps you to get into the college of your dreams and being closer to achieving your goals. Unless the cheerleader is thinking of doing cheer in college or they really enjoy it, they probably wouldn’t do it all four years.

As of now cheer doesn’t count as a half credit for any subject. If it was counted toward something, more people would stay a cheerleader and reconsider quiting.