Transferring School Policy

Kodi Simmons, fall 2014 j1 student

Note: The names in this story have been changed to protect their privacy. Being the new kid is always hard and confusing. One in six people move each year in America, according to Being in the wrong environment or program is worse than being new. The reasons why people transfer differ from person to person — schools should make transferring easier for students for personal and learning purposes. Freshman Sally Smith said, “I transferred to Blue Valley from Blue Valley Southwest because I was being bullied, and the teachers didn’t care how well I did in school.” According to, more than 160,000 kids stay home from school each day to avoid being bullied. We can avoid some of this by helping students transfer to a safer learning environment. Smith said lots of the girls and even some of the guys would call her fat and make fun of her. Two girls would especially make life hard for her. They would tell her to go kill herself. This made Smith severely depressed to the point where she tried to commit suicide. I think if they allowed her to transfer earlier instead of waiting until she issued safety transfer it could’ve stop this before it got to this point. I’m happy she transferred for two things. If schools cannot make it safe for students to go to schools then we have a serious problem. Also if schools don’t look for students best interest then we also aren’t doing our job. Transferring schools takes months. It does take a lot of organizing and work to help a student transfer, but to be in a safer/ better learning environment is superior for the student. We should put a program in place to make it easier for both staff and students to transfer. Bella Umentum, freshmen transferred to BV at the beginning of the school year. She said she transferred because the people were nicer, the school was closer to her house and the education was better. Various people I asked said they transferred because this school has a more non-judgmental environment and has a better education for students all around. Transferring to a school like BV is more beneficial to the students than staying in schools that do not have programs for their interest. Both Umentum and Smith said they were both really happy they transferred. For them, transferring was a smart choice, and I think transferring schools could help a lot of situations like Smith’s and help the students with their best interest in education.