Dog Sitting

Ashley Thompson, Fall 2014 J1 student.

Dog Watching  can be fun.

Ashley has helped people by taking care of their dogs. She has dog sat for her friend Emily and her next door neighbor.

All three dogs that Ashley  has watched have been the most well behaved dogs. She really enjoys spending time with dogs. Her dog watching  experience starts when she  unlocks the door of her friend Emily’s house. She greets the dogs then takes them one-by-one outside to go to the bathroom. She does this because if she doesn’t she  has  one dog trying to get out of the yard and then the other dog chasing after her. She loves dog sitting because not only is Ashley spending time with her own dogs but she is also helping her friends. Dog sitting can be very stressful sometimes, but  this is something I really love doing. Just like caring for a child.  The dogs may not want to go out because they may be excited that I am there. Another reason why dog sitting may be stressful is because the dog may not want to eat all their food when you are there waiting for them.