Computar Conflicts

None of the schools in the Blue Valley School District give their students personal laptops; however, the Shawnee Mission School District gives their students new Macbooks to take to and from school. Although Blue Valley has laptops throughout the school, it would be much easier to have a personal laptop to carry around with you at all times. “Having my laptop makes getting my assignments done way easier and also helps me remember to get my homework done,” Shawnee Mission Northwest freshman Nick Chomyak said. Since BV already gives students Internet with restrictions, it would be like using electronics, such as our phones. It would be more useful because we wouldn’t be able to get distracted by snapchat, text messages or social media because it wouldn’t be on the laptops. Having a laptop by your side all day could help get assignments done in spare time, help communicate with teachers, save trees by not using so much paper and having your textbooks on your laptop would help to not carry around as many books and binders and would also help students go to their lockers less often. If someone breaks, damages or loses their laptops, they can just replace them; just like a textbook or library book. A lot of the classrooms already have laptops or use the computer lab, so instead of taking the time for everyone to go get their laptop with their class number or transition into the library, students would already have their laptop with them and would just need to log on and get started. Students would have fewer excuses to not get their homework done and would have more time to work on it.