The PE Problem

At Blue Valley, all students are required to take a gym class before they graduate. This has been an issue athletes have been trying to avoid because they are already involved in other sports throughout the year.

Although gym is still considered an important class to take in high school because it exposes you to different kinds of activities,the teachers have to remember all students were required to take gym all through elementary and middle school and shouldn’t have to go through

Staying active on a daily basis is something all athletes do and shouldn’t have to use their time learning about how to stay in shape.

Most athletes have practices anywhere from three to seven times a week for their sport and are working out on the days they are not practicing.

Even if their sport is only for one season, athletes are working out year round or are practicing outside of the season.

Students athletes shouldn’t have to take up the time for a gym class if they could be using it for another class. It would make it a lot easier for students their freshman year if they had an extra class to complete one of their electives.

Other schools like Saint Thomas Aquinas don’t make athletes take gym if they are participating in a sport all four years of school. If BV made this opportunity available to students it would have a positive effect on the athletic programs offered because students would be more eager to participate in them.

This would be helpful to the students because it wouldn’t be as hard for them to try to fit all of their extracurriculars in their schedule during their junior or senior year.

If athletes were allowed to not take gym as long as they were involved in some kind of physical activity outside of school, it would encourage other students to try to do the same. Most athletes would agree that gym class is a waste of their time because they already know how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Students not exercising on their own would be more willing to participate in other activities that would keep them active on a daily basis.

This would benefit  students because later in life because if students learned how to stay active on their own it will help prepare them for real life.