From Learning to Looking Good

Andrea Mundakkal , Fall 2014 J1 student

AP Classes a Bad Choice for Freshmen

Coming to their first year of high school, freshmen have to adapt to harder classes and more time consuming homework, which is all manageable, but now more is expected from these students their first year.

Freshmen have the opportunity now to take an AP class their first year in high school. The class is called AP Human Geography and replaces the area studies and contemporary issues classes from before. Taking out the these classes is a big mistake because many students enjoyed the in-depth learning that took place.

With the new AP class, new students won’t be able to concentrate on one particular subject or country, and instead have to cover far more information in little time.

In area studies classes and contemporary issues, students were able to learn and become more aware of a certain culture or topic.

Taking a area studies class in the beginning was just to get the credit but later it was amazing to see how much learning occured in the last semester. Now, students are drawn to take the AP class to be more attractive to colleges they will apply to in the future instead of being motivated by learning.

Area studies classes helped past students become more aware of other cultures and events occurring around them.

AP classes should only be available for students who have experienced the harder classes already, and have adapted to the new ways of studying.

Freshmen will find the new AP class a long jump from what they had been doing in middle school.

Students in their freshman year are just getting used to the school and classes, and adding an AP class to their schedule will just make them less prepared. The expectations from teachers for their students will not change for freshmen, even if it is their first AP class. The class will not slow down or take away workload for the freshmen.

Students who take an AP class their first year in high school will feel that it is difficult and hard to deal with. They will have no motivation to take more AP classes in the future, which is a defeat to the purpose of making the class available to them.