Friends don’t make friends third wheel

Friends dont make friends third wheel

Courtney Carpenter and Charlotte Rooney, Staff Writers

You finally get the boyfriend or girlfriend you wanted, but it’s not exactly what your friend wanted. Ever since you started dating, he or she barely talks to you, and you find it hard to carry a conversation. You feel like you and your friend are growing apart, but you don’t know what to do about it. But, it’s not your friends job to fix the relationship — it’s yours.

Tip #1: Leave some time for your friends. 

Make sure you still hang out with your friends. Especially if they don’t have a significant other, they really notice your absence. Your friends will quickly become annoyed with you if you only talk to them when you can’t find your boyfriend or girlfriend. Balance your time between your friends and your partner. Your friends are going to feel like you don’t care about them if you suddenly drop off the face of the planet, and they never hear from you.

Tip #2: Don’t be “that” couple. 

“We like…”

“We do…”

“Our favorite…”

Your friends will hate this. Since when did you become co-dependent? You’re your own person, and, surprisingly, you were before you started dating your boyfriend or girlfriend. Don’t mix up your pronouns. You’re allowed to have your own opinions, wants, likes and dislikes. Just because you don’t agree on something doesn’t mean your relationship is over — you’re not a “relationship goal” Twitter account, so be the couple you’re comfortable being.

Tip #3: PDA — we get it. 

We understand you adore your boyfriend or girlfriend, but there’s no need to show it off in the hallways at school. Those couples making out in the hallway? No one likes that. There’s a time and place for affection, but school is not it. Holding hands and the occasional hug is completely acceptable, but the second your lips touch, it’s past being cute — you’re deep in obnoxious territory.

Tip #4: Don’t post it all. 

If your past 10 Instagram or Twitter pictures are of your significant other, put the phone down. There is no need to post every picture ever taken of you two to show the world you are a couple. The best couples are the ones who keep their privacy and modesty. Your relationship is personal — between you and your partner, not between you and all of your followers. Maybe instead of spending all your time uploading, you could spend some time going on a nice date, one both of you can appreciate.

Tip #5: We know you “love” each other. 

Love is a meaningful and powerful word, and throwing it out to either get something you want or to make your relationship “official” is not the way to use it. Honestly, do we as teenagers really have the capacity to fully and truly love someone? We mean really feeling it, not just saying that four-letter word. Society as a whole overuses the word love in everyday life, when it’s not an everyday feeling between you and your partner. Make sure when you say you love someone, you feel it deep in your heart.