Newly added Tiger Paws hour is a privilege, should not be taken for granted by students

Schooling in third world needed in order to improve circumstances

staff edFor years, third-world countries such as Syria, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria have faced corrupt, substandard governments. The people have no real power, and many of them have never had any semblance of an education.

According to, 26 percent of the world’s population while 98 percent of people in developing countries are non-literate.

This is why these countries and others cannot advance. Civilians haven’t been given a proper education that will give them the momentum to make the needed changes to their countries and governments.

Many of these people don’t have the background to get well-paying jobs — which would help unemployment, homelessness and hunger issues developing nations face.

While going to school may seem like a burden to Americans, it’s a privilege a fourth of the world is being denied.

The knowledge of the general public affects worldwide issues. If there is only a small amount of people in third-world countries who can make decisions, how can we expect progress?

Imagine if everyone was required to have a high school education.

Everything would be different.

Governments would be able to cooperate with the public because many more people would have the qualifications to add to ideas.

The quality of life would increase dramatically.

Unnecessary conflicts would diminish, rebellions could be calmed in Middle Eastern countries, and people could have more exposure to ideologies they would otherwise not have the chance to learn about.

Through teaching at a young age, children can develop maturity, critical thinking and values they may otherwise not establish.

Think of all the growth an education could give these countries. Schooling directly affects productivity — making governments more successful. Some could even transition to democracies. People would be in a better position to vote, make decisions and have better lives. Diseases would decrease, while medical knowledge and overall health would increase.

The rest of the world deserves the same education we’re getting, and we should speak on these issues and fight for them.