Working Hard

I am sure 99 percent of students have all heard the phrase at some point “hard work pays off”, but as high schoolers, we often forget that it is not “cool” to not try.

In our elementary and middle school days, when we got a B or C on a test students would be upset, angry, and sad. We would pour ourselves into projects and always complete the homework as it was heartbreaking to receive an oops pass.

But now it seems that every year students are less willing to work hard in classes as they are “too cool” or simply don’t care.

While back then, the big A was always the goal at the end of the semester, now students are just hoping to pass the course.

Working hard is not too cool; and even if someone thinks you’re a dork for making flash cards for every class, studying for a math test for two hours, or annotating your hela book, think about who is going to be the real winner.

Students who work hard in high school are going to have a more promising future in college and in a job as well.

Working hard is definitely not something to be afraid of, so work hard, set goals, and achieve whatever it is you want and don’t ruin it by acting “too cool” to do anything in high school.