Change in Teaching and parenting Strategy

Teachers and parents need to let kids learn from their mistakes instead of policing

We’ve all had teachers and parents who obsess on making sure you do the right thing all the time. Teachers always tell their students to get off your phone or to pay attention, and this is a flawed strategy.

Teachers should instead let their students suffer the negative consequences that comes with not paying attention to their lesson. Hopefully this will teach the students to pay attention the next time.

Strict teachers and parents don’t let kids learn from their mistakes, and that is a huge problem for this generation.

Students are told exactly what they should

can’t learn things on their own.
Instead, if a student is on his phone, the

teacher should let him miss the lesson, and he will suffer the consequence of failing
the next test. This is not only good for the student, but it also makes the teacher’s job easier because she doesn’t have to babysit the whole class.

If the student continually fails test, then, yes, the teacher should step in, but most the time students will learn that they shouldn’t be on your phone in class.

This strategy will prepare students for their life after school where they won’t have a baby sitter watching over them at all times.

Students will learn from their mistakes and eventually become better people.IMG_6877