Pressure to Perform

Students load up on AP classes

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 12.09.04 PMThe pressure to succeed is everywhere in high school, but it’s found at the most intense level in the social studies programs. The most AP classes are offered here, meaning there’s a greater inclination to want to be a part of them.

It’s an expectation almost all parents and colleges have, especially now that AP classes are offered at the freshman level.

During the 2014-15 school year, Blue Valley got rid of the area studies programs to add AP Human Geography. This class covers all the material the area studies classes did but without as much depth.

It’s extremely difficult to make the jump from the common core curriculum classes in eighth grade to an advanced placement class, which requires a lot of extra work outside of class, first thing in high school.

After students take one AP class, they’re more likely to continue the next year. It makes it seem like they’re an unintelligent person to take an AP class one year but not continue the next. Colleges will expect them to continue, and so will their parents.

AP classes are an important piece of high school. They allow students to experience what college will be like with the additional assistance offered in a high school classroom. They allow for the potential to receive college credit.

However, nothing is more important than having free time to yourself and not being completely stressed out because of the classes you’re taking. It’s all about knowing yourself and finding a balance.

Do what you know you can and do a good job with that.

Don’t put too much on your plate at once.