Buses being on time

Problems with the school bus schedule

Courtney Brown , Staff Writer

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, Blue Valley students look forward to being let out early and coming to school late.

This is unless you ride the bus.


The bus doesn’t show up to school on Wednesdays until 2:50, despite school being let out at 2:20.

Thursdays are more of a challenge for students. The bus shows up at the same time as it does every other day even with school starting at 9, and half the students don’t show up until around 8 or later.


For some students, this can be as early as 6:30, while other kids get to sleep in.

The students have two options. They can either get up early in the morning to ride a bus that’s two hours early or they can find a ride.


Students ride a bus for a reason. They might not have a car yet, their parents have jobs or there’s no other option.

It’s not fair that the bus shows up at the same time when school doesn’t start until almost two hours after the bus drops them off.


Late arrivals allow for students to sleep in and get more rest. This reduces stress for students because they can go to bed at the same time they always do and students can catch up on sleep.  


On Wednesdays, students get to get home earlier. They can work on homework sooner, or they can feel like they have more time to do things. If you ride the bus, nothing changes while everyone gets home before you.


The buses should come at a time that works for everyone considering it’s not fair to a large population of students at this school.
More buses should be brought in so students don’t have to work around this unfair schedule.