Privileged lifestyle often overlooks need for local volunteering


Charlotte Rooney, Opinion Editor

It’s time to face the fact that Johnson county is a mostly privileged area.

We have great schools, most of us have cars, we eat daily meals, we go shopping, we get a lot of presents and we have feasts for the holidays.

Some of us ignore the fact that there are people who have close to nothing. In our school, 5.9 percent of students eat a free or reduced lunch, and nationwide 51 percent of students qualify for that assistance.

It’s that time of year again — it’s getting cold, and the holidays are coming up. A lot of people are struggling to get food, shelter and proper clothing, as well as other necessities.

It’s hard to imagine a life without food on the table, or not having a winter coat, but many people have been living that way for years.

Especially in the colder months, it’s important to donate food, clothes, hygiene products and maybe a present or two.

There are food bins in almost every grocery store, and cans of soup or vegetables cost a dollar or less.

Donating old coats can make a huge difference, as well as socks, underwear, shirts and pants.

If the opportunity arises and you’re able to donate or volunteer, take it.

Aiding a person in need is rewarding, and knowing you’re doing something to benefit another person warms the heart.

If nothing else, at least you get volunteer hours.

There’s no reason not to volunteer or donate, especially when we have been blessed with homes, plenty of food and clothing to wear. A lot of us live a very comfortable life, so make an attempt to help those who don’t.

Donating to the Harvester’s bin or sorting food, dropping old clothes or toys off at the Salvation Army and volunteering to ring the bell are simple ways to get involved. Giving food to the homeless on the street or spending time with sick children in hospitals also make huge impacts.

The Kansas City community makes it easy to get involved, and sacrificing a few hours of your time to better the lives of others are hours well spent.

There are so many people in the world who are having a hard time, so the least we can do is aid the people in our community who are in desperate need of support.