Unreasonable Due Dates

Teachers take advantage of student

Rhyan Kale, Fall 2015 J1 student

Due Dates
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Teachers take advantage

Homework is no doubt an inconvenience. Although it serves it’s purposes, most students would rather have no homework.

Homework is usually for a grade and most teachers accept homework for full credit on the day that it’s due, and start to take off points as it becomes more late. Since the homework counts as a grade, students are motivated to do their homework just to get it done, not for learning purposes.

So if students have such a strict due date, and teacher get all the time they want to grade assignments and tests?

Teachers get to punish students for turning in their homework as little as 5 minutes late, but it’s acceptable for them to hand back that one algebra test we had the first month of school at the end of the semester?

The funny thing is, most teachers act like we have committed a murder if we turn in our homework two days late, but if students complain about teachers taking three months to grade then we are most likely going to be sent to the office.

On top of that, most teachers don’t even acknowledge the fact that we have 3 hours of homework in each other class, too. But, God forbid anyone turn in a 3 point assignment in a day late!

Nowadays, students are more encouraged to make straight A’s in classes, which is a lot of pressure. Wanting to live up to your parent’s expectations can be extremely stressful and very challenging. With all of the pressure on you, you just want to do what your parents say for you to do.

Teachers give you 2 days to do a 10 page packet and if you don’t turn your assignments in, your grade slowly keeps going down.

Most people would even find it easier to just copy answers down and find some way to get an A on a homework assignment rather than staying up until 4 A.M. reading a textbook and studying for a Chem test, which is most likely not very good for an average teenagers health, and who would enjoy doing that anyways?

So, maybe teachers should try being more considerate, and realize how much of a hypocrite they can be sometimes. We are sorry we turned in our homework a day late, but of course, take all the time you need to grade my midterm, I didn’t need to see the grade anyways.