Busted Busses

Having to wait tens of minutes multiple times a week for a bus that never comes

You know what I’m sick of? Blue Valley’s terrible bus system.

I swear I’ve had to wait 20 minutes for the bus four times this semester as of November 10.

I don’t want to sound like the spoiled, Affluenza-afflicted Johnson County boy, but this is simply unacceptable ­— how hard could it possibly be to not miss the third stop?

As much as I want a face to growl at for incompetence, I recognize it’s not a substitute bus driver’s fault.

The bus system is to blame for doing a crappy job scheduling bus drivers for busses.

One time my regular bus driver, who is very good at her job, by the way, was late to school by about 30 minutes because she drove kids home from a field trip, and traffic slowed her bus to a crawl. Why didn’t the bus company just get someone else to pick us up in that time?

Pretty much every time I ask my friend Lucy (bless her) to drive me to school, a substitute driver is piloting the bus. It’s always hilarious when Lucy drives me to school, and I can wave cheerily at the guy who missed my stop and made me wait for 20 minutes for nothing.

See, often times the substitute bus drivers have no idea what the route is when they’re thrown into it, which I get — I’m also dreadful with directions.

“Well, Austin!” You say, “I’d like to see you do better at driving in circles!”

First of all, I couldn’t. The difference between me and the substitute bus driver is that I won’t even try.

Well listen closely, kiddies, because I’m about to immediately fix this dilemma with a proposition: GPS and driver rotation.

A driver couldn’t possibly mess up his or her route with an arrow telling him or her where to point the bus. Compared to a giant bus, a GPS couldn’t be that expensive.

In order to stop people from having to jump from one route to another and be late because of god-awful supervision from the bus company, couldn’t they just have a circle of drivers that alternate routes so that if one is sick, then the other can take over?

Sometimes when I rant to myself in frustration while waiting for the bus, I stop myself from being unpleasant. I then realize that young children could be waiting the same amount of time in the bitter cold. We need to fix this before one of them is hurt.Photo on 11-12-15 at 10.56 AMScreen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.55.31 AM