Room for Growth

Expanding the school is a must

Caitlyn Dusthimer, fall 2015 j1 student

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 1.56.09 PMBlue Valley students and staff have to share classrooms and use the mobiles. Our student and staff body is growing, and it feels as if the school is shrinking.

So why aren’t we adding on to the school?

Walking through the halls of Blue Valley is like being stuffed together with more than 500 kids and staff in just one hallway. There’s just no room.

We should be adding on to the school. Adding more mobiles and doubling up on classrooms is not helping.

It’s a hassle to find a teacher after school if they have multiple rooms. You can go searching to every classroom after school to find that the teacher already left before you could find them.

Also overall having mobile classes are annoying no matter the season. Walking to your mobile class can worsen your allergies, or if it’s raining or snowing, you’re wet and cold for the rest of the hour. Walking up the metal steps or on the sidewalk can be very dangerous because snow.

Also the air conditioning and heating systems either don’t work or are extremely loud and distracting during class.

One way to resolve this issue is taking out all the mobiles and using that space to add more classrooms. Using that space would add on numerous classrooms and eliminate all problems the mobiles cause.

Many people agree the school’s size is an issue but because of funds this just can’t be done. Using the this excuse is getting old. Although it’s true that money is an issue, but then where did they find the money to make new practice fields?

The issue isn’t that we’re short on funds but more so that the school’s priorities need to be set straight.