Let’s Dump Trump

Presidential frontrunner does not deserve this level of popularity, calls to remove him from race


Sheila Gregory , Co-Editor

Let’s take a quick gander at life in 1938 in Germany. The citizens were frustrated with the state of the economy and wanted some quick answers for their problems. Along with wanting solutions, the citizens were desperate enough to blame an entire ethnic group for their problems if it meant their lives got better.

Enter Adolf Hitler.

Remember him from sophomore year history — you know — the orchestrater of one of the the biggest genocides in human history?

Well, he started making a lot of promises. He wanted to make Germany great again. He used the Jewish population as the reason for Germany’s suffering. He proposed making all Jewish people declare themselves and had the government track their movements.

He didn’t want Jewish people entering Germany.

Did I also mention no one took him seriously at first?

Now let’s flash forward to the 2015 presidential race.

Donald Trump is making a lot of promises. He wants to make America great again. He says immigrants are the reason for the U.S.’s problems. He proposed making all Muslim’s declare themselves and wants to government to keep track of them.

He wants to ban all Muslims from entering the country.

It is time to stop treating his campaign as a joke.

Not only is he a racist, cocky and bigoted demagogue, his views reflect that of a petulant child and his statements do the opposite of ‘making America great again.’

It takes special kind of person who is able to alienate 26 percent of the world’s population in one sentence.

What is even more appalling is the amount of support he still receives.

After truly terrible comments alienating almost all groups including immigrants, Muslims, women, LGTBQ, African Americans and the mentally disabled, his support is still almost double digits above any of the other Republican candidates.

He blatantly lies about events that never happened and has no real plans or policies other than building a wall and being “So great at the military it will make your head spin.”

Every time he says something offensive or outlandish, his polls rise which showcases the absolute delusion his supporters seem to be under.

Besides his no-bullshit argument, what makes him qualified in the least to lead our country? He has no foreign policy experience — except for anger and wanting to go to war — and his “ideas” to “Make America Great Again” do exactly the opposite.

His rallies incite violence, Islamophobia and actually contribute to the rise of ISIS.

For anyone who is unsure, the main goal of the Islamic State is to go to war with the U.S. in Syria and Iraq. He is playing right into their hands by calling for that fight and not only that, his racist comments about Muslims will incentive those radical Americans to reach out to the terrorist group.

After the San Bernardino shooting, his comments included talking about how terrible Muslims are, insinuating President Barack Obama was Muslim and finally that this was great for his campaign because everytime tragedy hits, his polls numbers go up.

No solution to the gun problem, no sadness for the victims.

Only more hate and bigheadedness.

His campaign has incited white supremacy groups to gain momentum and commit hate crimes. We are actually in more danger from them than we are actual Muslim extremists.

Please stop supporting this man.

It isn’t a joke anymore.

And unless we want the U.S. looking like pre-Nazi German, we will get Trump out of the race.

Let’s make America great again.

Let’s put Trump back on the Celebrity Apprentice where he belongs.


Photo Courtesy of MCT Campus.