the clothing controversy

Should students be required to wear school uniforms?


Annie Shull, Fall 2015 J1 Student

You’ve heard the question before. Heck, you’ve probably had to write an argumentative essay on this topic. Often times, people’s views are split between the options.

What’s the question, you might ask.

“Should our school require a school uniform?”

Yes, Blue Valley should have a school uniform.

For one reason, it can save students time in the morning. It takes me FOREVER to pick out an outfit each day. By having a uniform it would be so much quicker and easier, and I wouldn’t be in such a rush before school.

School uniforms are also so much cheaper than not having school uniforms. In a poll conducted by the US Department of Education, 86 percent of adults believed that the uniforms were financially beneficial to their household.

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to have the uniforms. I would rather spend my money on cuter, nicer clothes for the weekend, than spending even more money on sort-of-nice clothes for every day of the week.

School uniforms also make it so that students won’t feel the need to “fit in” with what they wear. In fact, 90 percent of participants surveyed argue that uniforms addressed the peer pressure issue in schools effectively. The kids won’t feel left out or awkward if they don’t have the latest style of jeans or what not.

Some might argue that school uniforms take away students creativity. In reality, it is just clothing. Students can still wear whatever they want outside of school. There are many other ways of expressing themselves than just clothing. The uniforms could help the students to express themselves through artwork or writing or music or really anything else.

Next time you’re late for school, just know that the situation would be different if you wore a school uniform.