KC Pet Project

The misunderstood and mistreated dogs

As the days go by and the cages get filled with dogs crying for help, where the people’s feelings go? When I go to the shelter, I feel
sorry for the dogs. They don’t deserve to be locked up in a small cage. Some people are afraid of dogs, and the owners misunderstand how the dog is acting around them. Let’s be honest. What has the dog ever done to you? If it bit your arm or something then there is a problem. Let’s be real -everyone has a bad day. People go to the pet store or a shelter full of puppies, to make them feel better and forget what they were upset about. We all had those times of painting the dog’s paw nails or dressing them up for a special holiday, or if we didn’t like the dinner that was cooked maybe throw a couple pieces to the side to help us out. There is still one question that doesn’t leave my mind — why are the majority of dogs mistreated? In the past a breed called a Pitbull Terrier was forced to fight the other teammate until one of them gave up. Pit bulls are the most common dogs that people are afraid of. Reason why is because some pit bulls are aggressive toward people. Jon Bastian stated “Current news reports are to be believed, pit bulls have been attacking and biting humans left and right – to the point that many communities are considering breed specific pit bulls.” At KC Pet Project, about 35 percent of pit bulls in cages don’t have an owner. A spokeswoman for KC Pet Project named Tori Fugate stated “here at KC Pet Project, we take
in a lot of pit bulls every year. Usually, it is about 25 percent of the animals that come in are pit bulls or pit bull-type dogs”. I hope that one day pit bulls will be known as NOT one of the most dangerous dogs in the world. I believe that one day someone will have the heart to stand up and prove wrong to their community. It only takes one person to make a difference in the world.