A is for Art

Art classes necessary for graduation

NellyYou’re in art class, trying to properly draw a stick figure, and you just can’t get the body right. When you finally do, you realize that everyone has already moved on to drawing pictures of buildings. This is an experience exclusive to art class.

Currently, Blue Valley High School requires one full art credit for its students to graduate. There are a few issues with this, like many people not needing to use art or music on an everyday basis. Not many jobs at this point deal with music or art, so it doesn’t seem necessary for a student to have to participate in art every day.

Also, art or music should be treated as more of an extracurricular activity, that way those who are truly interested in art are the ones participating. This will result in students trying harder because of the interest they have in art, not because they need an art credit to graduate.

In conclusion, art class should not be required because people may have a tougher time finding a career in the future if they solely focused on art or music in high school. These classes should not be mandatory because many students aren’t willing to do the class.
One way to change this would be to change the classes into extracurricular activities. We would allow the students that are interested in art and music to participate in them, but not every student would be forced to participate in activities that they don’t feel would be beneficial for their future.