Layers Towards Learning

Layered curriculum teaching style builds up education

Teaching styles have come to a whole new level with teachers using a layered curriculum style, targeting numerous amounts of learning styles and levels in a classroom.

This type of teaching is taught in layers or steps, building students up from a basic understanding of content to the capability of critically thinking over and analysing it.

Classrooms are full of different learning types, making assigning a beneficial activity to the entire class difficult, often times causing nothing or very little to be taken from a lesson or unit in the long run.

Each layer being specifically designed around the idea of autonomy makes it perfect for a classroom setting, allowing students to pick and choose assignments that focus on their particular learning type. With each step being developed more in students’ minds connections with the content can be taken to an even deeper level.
For me personally being a visual learner can make learning difficult in a typical classroom setting, but with the way a layered curriculum is set up I can go through the list of assignments and choose which would implement the material visually in my mind.

With being given all this freedom all of the sudden, students are often tempted to procrastinate, but after a while it becomes easier, and they learn even more from it.

So not only is a layered curriculum an effective way of getting information across to students for them to be able to grasp the material, but it also builds students up to a chance at a brighter and happier future.Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 1.23.24 PM