The inevitble oblivion

The torcherous and required gym class

McKenna J. Cole, fall 2015 j1 student

We all know the feeling — your lungs are on fire, the feeling of 1,000 blades in your abdomen grows as cramps come and go, and your legs feel as if they could give out at any moment.

Unfortunately you still have three laps to go on your mile, and gym class has just started.

In the Blue Valley School District requirements regarding graduation, the district requires a two semester, one credit gym requirement.

Some genius came up with the idea that maybe adding 200 required minutes to the weekly schedule, dedicated to gym class, would boost our motivation and help gain a respect to physical education.

Unfortunately, a Cornell University study found that adding 200 more minutes of time to gym class each week did not produce substantial changes. Even by adding 200 more weekly minutes, the studies showed that boys engaged in only seven and a half minutes of more activity per day, and girls only eight additional minutes each week.

Not to mention that the gym teachers worship the class as if not participating is a sin itself and is human nature itself to do so.

Reading a high school student’s experience of gym class, and I quote, they said, “They would force me to participate on days my asthma was horrible or force me to play contact sports when I had a broken arm.”

Students are becoming desperate for a loophole. I myself would rather write cornell notes than running laps. So let’s take a stand and fight back against the torcherous and required gym class! Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.56.34 AM