Exes Aren’t the Enemy


High school is a time for teenage hormones and experimenting with relationships. We discover who we are, what we want and — probably more importantly — what we don’t.

It’s natural for us to change and discover that something we once wanted is actually something we don’t.

Likewise, a relationship that seemed like a fairytale in the beginning can easily become a trainwreck.

And it’s OK.

You’re going to have hopeless crushes, silly flings and devastating heartbreaks through all of high school — it’s nearly unavoidable. Though despite all of the mess, it’s important we treat each other with respect. It’s understandable that you have negative feelings towards your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, but calling them demeaning things or spreading rumors about them is only adding to the problem.

Remember that at one point that person had qualities that you found attractive. And when you were dating, they were a potential spouse — regardless of how alarming that sounds. It doesn’t make you more attractive when you insult your ex. Frankly, it’s a turn off since you could be a potential ex to that person.

Of course there are situations where someone could have deeply hurt you mentally, verbally or physically. It’s coherent that you would wish to avoid or in some cases take action against that person due to any damage they caused to your life.

However, that isn’t the case in most high school relationships.

There’s really no point in hating someone because you broke up. And if it’s feasible, it would be best to try the taboo of “being friends”


That person was once someone who was important to you — important enough that you dated them. While it’s unfortunate that it ended poorly, they still showed you what you wanted in a relationship. You learned from them, and now you’re one step closer to the love of your life.