Tweets from popular accounts limit women to less important topics

Charlotte Rooney, Opinion Editor

Scrolling through Twitter on any given day is becoming a never-ending pity party for girls all over the world.

Constant posts about the guy who didn’t like you or how much you wish you looked different are getting old.

Accounts geared toward women only talk about boys, makeup and clothes — as if we have nothing else to discuss.

I love makeup. I could talk about eyebrows all day, and I’m always up for a discussion on ripped jeans or a cute guy, but I’m also capable of speaking on important topics that have nothing to do with my looks or who I think is attractive.

Twitter accounts such as “Typical Girl” and “Common White Girl” tweet things about that guy who didn’t like you, how great your makeup could look if you used a certain product or a couple photos of a beautiful woman saying everyone wants to look like her.

Ironically, these accounts also joke about the annoying guy who liked you and how you turned him down or making fun of other people’s bad makeup or clothes.

The guy who didn’t like you isn’t a bad person — he just wasn’t interested.

And yes, I look fine without that $45 foundation, but thanks.

While that girl is beautiful, I’m comfortable in my own skin.

Regardless of the irrelevant posts being made on a daily basis, women should be encouraged to talk about topics all over the spectrum — from good products to politics to current events. We shouldn’t be expected to only talk about how to make ourselves look the best or how to impress others.

These accounts are relatable for girls because they talk about things girls usually like, but girls and women have more to gain than makeup tips. We should broaden our horizons and think about more than the perfect makeup tutorial or the newest hair style.

This isn’t meant to shame anyone because again, I indulge in tutorials, online shopping and a vast array of products.

However, I also make an effort to stay updated on global news and important issues like climate change or ISIS.

There’s more to life than makeup, hair and boys, and these TwitteScreen Shot 2016-05-19 at 9.40.28 AMr accounts should have more to say than that, too.